[Sensual Sales Series] An Embodied Way to Sell, Without Any Sleaze

Season #1

Sensual Sales is service! When you learn to sell in an embodied way, without any sleaze, you genuinely help your life-giving Next Level clients transform and say “yes” to investing in themselves. This is Part IV of the Sensual Sales Series for Founders, Change-Agents, and Guides who have already done their deep healing, are powerful Embodied Leaders, and want to get paid richly for their important contribution in the world. Curious what trauma-informed nervous system awareness and embodiment have to do with transformational sales? Tune in.

Interested in the Embodied Leader Sales Intensive, so that you can double your income and impact through Sensual Sales, without burning out or neglecting your body’s wisdom? Email [email protected] or check out Step 3 on our website:   https://www.letyourbodylead.com/work-with-us

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