[Sensual Sales Series] The Power of Flirting With Your Life-Giving Clients đź’•

Season #1

Welcome back to the Sensual Sales Series, where you're learning how to have a blast doubling your income and impact, the embodied way. As a heart-centred founder, change-agent, or guide, it will likely feel misaligned to sell what you offer in a head-centred way, so it's time to do things differently for your Next Level. In this episode, Casey shares why flirting with your Life-Giving Next Level Clients, not only awakens their hearts and facilitates deeper connections for relationship building, but also helps in the stage of creating a clear, sexy offer — both are absolutely critical for selling in a way that feels like soul-filled service.

We’ll be supporting a small group of Embodied Leaders with doubling their income and impact through Sensual Sales: a high-integrity, turn-on way to get paid richly, without feeling like a Hustler, through the Embodied Leader Sales Intensive. Interested in joining us? Email [email protected] or check out Step 3 on our Work With Us page.

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