From the Vault: Become a Nervous System Whisperer for Optimal Wellness

Season #3

If you want peace and ease, abundance in your sense of well-being, and a reconnection with the truth of your value, power, and deserving, this episode from The Purpose Map™ Podcast Vault is for you.

In this solo episode, Casey will take you on a journey toward understanding your nervous system, so that you can see the connection between regulating yourself and overall wellness and well-being. To regulate means to affect or impact your nervous system in a positive way, especially in moments where you feel "triggered."

Casey discusses the three key nervous system states and how they might be activated; the difference between co-regulation and self-regulation; how to choose your "leading wellness practice" to stay regulated, and experience life from a more responsive state for well-being, peace, and ease; what to do when you are dysregulated, "triggered", or reactive, in order to come back "home" to a more optimal state; and why you don't need to fight your way into a regulated nervous system.

This episode is packed full of valuable wisdom and invitations you can implement immediately. The journey to a more easeful life starts right here!

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