Your next level of success is a done deal when you live as your integrated self and express your true purpose to serve humanity. Give birth to a new reality through this nine-month signature experience. You're invited to join us in the...


Let Your Body Lead™ Facilitator Training



By delighting in the experience of being in your body, facilitating epic results for your life-giving clients, and creating a core transformational offer that you confidently sell, whether you're an entrepreneur running your own business or an intra-preneur in a corporate space.

Are you a smart, ambitious, and spiritually curious human... 

 ...wanting to become a powerful embodied leader who gets paid richly for the transformational work you're really here to do, without burning out or neglecting your body's wisdom?


it's more important than ever as an integrative service-based provider to become an embodied leader — a resilient guide who transcends division, separation, and polarization, and rather leads with acceptance, compassion, and love.



…being part of a collective holding you accountable to living your most free and aligned life, while doing your most purpose-driven work;

…being fully equipped with embodiment practices, coaching skills, wisdom from ancient traditions, and scientific research to competently and confidently facilitate transformational change in yourself and others;

…understanding your unique skills to make good money doing what you love.


And imagine doing all that without...


…questioning whether or not it’s safe for you to show up FULLY as YOU, even in a climate of cancel culture;

…doubting your ability to guide your clients to create the meaningful results they desire and deserve, even with the pressure to conform to conventional standards;

…sacrificing your dream for financial security, even through these uncertain times.

I'm Casey Berglund, your Head Trainer and Guide.


I've taken everything I've learned over more than a decade and channeled it into this program. I am committed to offering you the best transformational experience to help you go from resisting the call to level up to feeling cool, calm, and confident about what comes next.

I've developed the Let Your Body LeadTM Method that integrates embodiment practices, coaching skills, wisdom from ancient systems, and evidence from modern science, to support your evolution and the evolution of your clients.

It's an honour to do what I do and have the opportunity to support you on your journey.

When you join us, you'll...

Curious about the results you can expect?

  • You’ll delight in being in your body by evolving on a somatic level. In other words, you'll enjoy being a human, experiencing life, living fully self-expressed. You'll be embodied, for the FUN of it 😉
  • You'll become more empowered, and awaken your greatest gifts. In a safe and supportive environment, you’ll reclaim the fragmented parts of you and become more whole and connected with your true purpose.
  • You’ll stop giving your power away (and unnecessary energy, time, and resources), but rather deeply trust your body’s wisdom and your aligned path.
  • You’ll stop thinking about what you do, and you’ll start being what you do. You’ll tap into your magnetism by walking the walk and embodying the truths you teach.
  • You’ll become more resilient, and be able to handle and call in MORE life experiences (yes, that means transcending your upper limits for better health, greater wealth, and deeper relationships, too).
  • You’ll meet your own discomfort and contraction with acceptance, compassion, and love, and help others do the same.
  • You’ll get crystal clear on the standards you need to be able to show up wholeheartedly and confidently in your work.
  • You’ll hold space for your clients when they are uncomfortable (through tears, resistance, fear) and will respond rather than react when their challenges and patterns arise. You’ll help them move through their inner experiences with grace, and in a way that is within your unique scope of practice.
  • You’ll confidently facilitate deeper transformation for your life-giving clients, regardless of their unique goals.
  • You’ll set yourself apart from others in your industry because of your bespoke approach.
  • You’ll guide your clients into their bodies in safe and effective ways, use potent coaching skills to facilitate the type of awareness that leads to epic and lasting change, infuse relevant elements of ancient wisdom to support your work, and back up whatever you can with scientific evidence.
  • You’ll call in aligned clients who are willing to pay you premium prices. Go from charging $100/hour to charging $1K, $5K, $10K+ each for your core transformational offer.
  • You’ll pivot strategically and heart-fully when you need as your own awareness evolves on your personal and professional development path!

You'll also...


...become a go-to facilitator in the Let Your Body Lead™️ movement and associated community. showcased in a directory of trained facilitators and be "professionally wing-manned"—you'll be connected with the clients who are primed to seek your support—so that you can do your purpose-driven work with more ease and less stress.

...receive guidance on your journey the whole way through - not just from Casey, but from the entire Let Your Body Lead™️ Facilitator Training Collective and special guests 😉 

Here’s what you can expect... 

  • The training is nine months long and takes place fully online. Three of those months incorporate Weekend Retreat Intensives to help you integrate the material and be inspired by guest facilitators that support your journey.
  • You’ll start by taking the Let Your Body Lead™️ Assessment, co-created by me and our valued Research Advisor, to mark your current level of embodied awareness, followed by an exercise to help you set your goals for the Facilitator Training.
  • For our regular training sessions, we meet live in an online classroom 3 times a month for 90 minutes each, so that you can receive in-the-moment training and support, and you’ll also receive supplementary material and resources in an online membership portal to enhance your development and confidence with using the Let Your Body Lead™️ pillars in your work. Our past clients have shared that these sessions have become rituals, offering a safe space to land in their bodies and come home to themselves, while also engaging in valuable professional development.
  • The Weekend Retreat Intensives are strategically spaced throughout our time together, and thoughtfully developed to help you get the material into your bones, practice your skills on each other, and connect with special guests who will add even greater value to your training. We weave facilitated self-care into these Retreat Intensive days to make them extra special.
  • You’ll also be required to practice your skills outside of our training time through peer Let Your Body Lead™️ Guidance Sessions. You will be paired up with someone to guide and with someone to guide you weekly for six weeks, twice throughout the training.
  • You will be required to submit two self-reflections, two peer reflections, and one recording of a peer Let Your Body Lead™️ Guidance Session closer to the end of our program.
  • Finally, you’ll take the same Let Your Body Lead™️ Assessmentto provide further evidence of your progress and help you know exactly what you need next.

Here's what else you get:

  • Receive an infusion of clarity, confidence, and delight around what makes you DIFFERENT by creating a core purpose statement inside Your Next Level Success 30-Day Intensive. This program is for smart, ambitious, spiritually-curious human who wants to epically align their life and job / business with who they really are now and what they're really here to do. You'll be enrolled in this program completely free as part of the Let Your Body Lead Facilitator Training (a $2000 value). This may take place prior to or during your Facilitator Training, depending on when you sign up.

  • Business roadmaps to make your own for expanding your body-based work.

  • Access and experience with curated guest facilitators who can support you in building a body-centred transformational practice (i.e. somatic psychologists, breath workers, coaches, advanced yoga teachers, and other body advocates).

  • Connection with and wisdom from our amazing research advisor who is studying our programs and contributing practice-based evidence to support your evolution, the evolution of the Facilitator Training.

  • Support for creating your own integrated assessment tool that helps you track results like a scientist would.

  • Additional space holding from our amazing Community Manager

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