What To Do With Shame And Other Dense Emotions As You Uplevel

Season #3

The Purpose Map™️ Podcast host, Casey Berglund, sits down for a solo episode to share newly integrated wisdom about navigating dense emotions with The Let Your Body Lead™️ Method.

Casey shares a recent uncomfortable experience that led her to a deeper understanding of “what it means to be embodied, trust the body, and see that the body is guiding, in part, the process of elevating consciousness.” Casey reminds you, dear listener, that dense emotions like shame, fear, and anger are meant to be felt. These emotions can encourage self-judgement and avoidance, yet the best way to move through them is not by fixing them but by feeling them.

Through her storytelling, Casey brings you through The Path of the Let Your Body Lead™️ Method and the importance of each step. She emphasizes the essential step in a leadership and ascension journey of bringing the body on board, especially as an intellectual and deeply spiritual person.

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