2024: The Year of The Embodied Leader

Season #3

Drop into this episode, published on the 2024 Human Design New Year, with your host, Casey Berglund and Worthy and Well team member Selena Coates. They sit down to discuss the year ahead and the energy they are bringing into it, and they pull oracle cards for each area of The Purpose Map™️.

Casey and Selena have much to look forward to in 2024, including another round of the Let Your Body Lead™️ Professional Certification. They will both pour their liquid gold into this 9-month program that teaches participants the foundations of Casey’s work, the Let Your Body Lead™️ Method. Casey will bring her potent wisdom and skills as the Revolutionary Founder, Noble Advisor, and Luminary Truth-Teller to transform and awaken the embodied leader within you. Selena will bring her talents as the Program Hostess, Sparkly Co-Facilitator, and Client Experience Manager to create a community and container potent for expansion. Want to join us? Doors are open to the Let Your Body Lead™️ Professional Certification.

The collective energy of 2024 is ripe with opportunities for expansion in each area of The Purpose Map™️: health, wealth, relationships, and purpose. What will the cards Casey and Selena pulled in this episode illuminate for you?

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