Are You Being Initiated? With Selena Coates

Season #3

Into your Next Level of Success? Well, Casey and Selena were in 2023.

Drop into the first episode of 2024 with your host, Casey Berglund, as she cozies up with Worthy and Well team member Selena Coates. They reflect on their past year quarter by quarter, discussing their unique but parallel journeys and initiations into their next level of success.

Selena shares the process that led up to her quitting her 6-figure corporate job and the essential realizations that she was experiencing through her body that enabled her to take the leap. She also shares the unfolding of her new identity outside of her corporate persona and the rest required to step into deeper alignment.

Casey recaps her year, which was an unfolding of new levels of bliss, even in moments of death, loss, and grief. She shares the spectrum of her experiences from living in beautiful Costa Rica, where she felt like she was channelling God, losing her Dad, falling in love with a fantastic man, and stepping into her next level purpose and leadership.

They echo messages of the importance of rest, grace, creativity, and more rest when navigating significant life changes and loss. Casey and Selena are once again stepping into their next level in 2024, ready to build, create, and shine their lights.

Have you reflected on 2023? What do you want to be so proud of a year from now? Are you feeling initiated into Your Next Level of Success?

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