Next Level Love with Leigha Lake

Season #3

Meet Leigha Lake, a relationship coach for high-achieving women. Leigha helps women feel secure, recognize the unhealthy relationship partners to avoid, and find their “Sailor” — an archetype she uses to characterize a healthy and empowered man. Casey describes Leigha as the Queen of Healthy Relationships because of Leigha’s passion for helping people find their next level love. You can hear Leigha’s joy and delight when she celebrates her clients who have found healthy, stable, and expansive partnerships.

Join Casey and Leigha as they discuss Leigha’s Elevated Dating Method, which helps women learn to recognize a healthy, empowered man in three dates or less. Casey and Leigha explore what it means to stand securely in your own life raft, become aware of the three archetypes of men in relationships, and how men can step into greater empowerment when looking for their next level love, too!

Drop into this conversation as Casey pulls out Leigha’s deep wisdom, and they explore new territory in supporting everyone’s wholeness and integration!

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