Erase Anxiety Through Hypnosis for Your Next Level with Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Season #3

Meet The Anxiety Eraser and Transformational Hypnotist Rebecca Wiener McGregor in this The Purpose Map™️ Podcast episode. Rebecca has served over 3000 individuals in her twenty years of practice. Her clients have experienced results in all areas of The Purpose Map™️, including finding partnership, selling their business for seven figures, and literally clearing warts from their bodies.

Casey sits down with Rebecca to talk about the power of celebration, their individual experiences with Hypnosis and the results it has created for them. Casey shares how working with Rebecca transformed her relationship with men and allowed her to receive and respond without anxiety. They also discuss the importance of imperfect clarity for someone to step into their Next Level of Success.

Are you feeling called to step into embodied inner work? Casey and Rebecca may have the exact right message for you.

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