[Man Series] A Future Where Boys and Men Feel Less Pain and Cause Less Harm with Jake Stika

Season #1

Lately, it’s become abundantly clear to us that more men want to heal than ever before. Trauma is awakening men to doing healing work, and we’ve seen many of them find their way into the space that Worthy & Well shares with three other healers.

This week’s podcast guest, Jake Stika, has made it his life’s work to not only help men heal from the social conditioning that leads to toxic masculinity, but also to create something different for the next generation of men (because what we’ve inherited clearly isn’t working).

As Jake says in the episode – boys will be what we give them space to be.

Listen in as Casey and Jake discuss how the pandemic has affected toxic masculinity, what needs to happen for real change to take affect moving forward, and what you can do to be part of that change!

**If you need support beyond what is listed in the resources below, please know that Casey is always available. Reach out to her at [email protected]

Mentioned Resources & Next Steps: