[Man Series] Stumbling Through Discomfort with Blake Berglund

Season #1

After wrapping up Season 1 of The Purpose Map™️ Podcast, Casey felt called to record and share a surprise mini-series with you. Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about whether or not we work with men. Many men have come our shared healing space, and this theme of growth, transformation, navigating big change, and finding purpose, from the perspective of men, has just been everywhere.

Our hope is that this surprise mini-series on the podcast reaches men, but it’s for everyone. Every human deserves to heal. In this episode, Casey interviews her brother, Blake Berglund. They discuss concepts like grief and change, gratitude, and magic, spirituality and presence, and the spaces between it all. They talk about tension in life, and how to stumble through discomfort. These are universal concepts that impact all humans. It’s our hope that hearing from men opens up other men to healing, community, growth, transformation, and living in alignment.

Casey also shares some wise words that were shared by their late Uncle John, to whom this episode is dedicated, so be sure to listen to the end!

 **Note: If there's any other way that we can support you, we're here for it. Worthy and Well is very well connected to people and practitioners that are available for supporting healing right now. And the more healing we can do, the more we can step into our unique gifts and share them openly and expressively with the world (and the better off our planet becomes).

So if you want to join us in that mission, please reach out. We would love to help connect you with the right resources for the journey you are on. 

Resources & Next Steps:

  • You can reach out to Blake at [email protected].
  • You can connect with Blake on his website, Twitter, Instagram, BandCamp, or Facebook.
  • If you're in a space between, you're going through a transformation, or you're feeling grief or identity death, you're not alone. What a magical transformative moment you're in! If you are looking for support, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • Casey has a few spots open for one-on-one clients over the next 6 to 12 months, and then we'll be closing down one-on-one coaching applications for the next year. To discuss this in more detail, book a call with Casey.
  • If you feel awakened to a deeper purpose for your life, we are here to help you get aligned with your Integrated Self and Next Level Purpose. Check out our Next Level Purpose VIP Day here.
  •  You can reach Casey at [email protected].