[Live Coaching] “I Am Resisting Levelling Up My Business, Help!”

Season #1

Today's guest on the podcast is a community member who is struggling to allow in her next level of success. She can feel the urge to level up her business, but is also deeply resisting it. With the urge to expand, comes an equally powerful urge to contract, shrink, and avoid being seen. She wants to feel liberated from the heaviness she feels when considering growth, so that she can lean into her next phase and feel more comfortable being seen and receiving even more financial abundance.

Through the embodied coaching process, our guest reclaims a part of herself that had been left behind, and leaves the session feeling more clear, calm, and ready for her next step.

**Of note: embodied coaching is distinctly different from therapy. The process is not about diagnosing psychological or emotional problems, but rather using an integrative set of skills to help a client access their inner wisdom about what is needed to move beyond barriers and toward their desired outcome.

Resources + Next Steps: