Personal Evolution and Business Growth Happen in Tandem

Season #3

Dear successful, busy man who has worked hard for his money and is noticing some parts of his life fall apart, this podcast is for you.

Dear partner or friend of said man, this podcast is also for you.

In this episode, your host, Casey Berglund, shares her observations about the successful and brilliant men she attracts as business clients. She shares that "when [she] looks into their energy fields, they are light workers, their souls are good, they are beautiful humans. I also see their trauma [and] how their past experiences contributed to a level of workaholism that allowed them to experience this form of success in their business."

Casey shares their common desires, including feeling better in their bodies, having more time with their families, and falling asleep without their minds racing. When she digs deeper, she also sees their desire to work less and make more, to create efficiency, and to take a luxurious vacation.

You may be wondering why Casey has dedicated this episode to this topic; if that is true for you, tune in as she shares more on her belief that when men drop into their hearts and bodies, it creates more peace, light, love, and harmony in the world.

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