Integration and Your Next Level of Strength with Hannah Powley

Season #3

Welcome to a new season of The Purpose Map Podcast. For Casey and the Worthy and Well team, the autumnal equinox tends to mark the start of a new year, so it felt only natural to start a new season with a refreshed look.

In this episode, Casey Berglund is joined by her good friend, intuitive healer, and personal trainer, Hannah Powley. They dig into the importance of integration, pausing, coming back to centre and having practices to support you, especially during times of change and conflict. Hannah shares her observations of people in her community swinging the metaphorical pendulum from one extreme to another and how her work is centred on seeing each of her clients as a whole person.

Hannah and Casey reflect on how, although their work can look very different on the surface, they both work with people who are ready for their next level and want to live a more aligned life. Both their journeys started with healing the physical body — Casey with nutrition and Hannah with physical training — and have evolved as they integrated and acknowledged their intuitive gifts.

Drop in and reflect on where you are at in your own journey, and as always, we’d love to hear from you!

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