The Gold Under Your Pain with Matthew Cooksey

Season #2

How often are you avoiding parts of yourself?

Meet Matt Cooksey, a therapist and coach who helps clients find the truth buried beneath their pain, fear and shame, in this synchronistic conversation with your host, Casey Berglund. Since the moment Matt introduced himself to Casey, she has felt the tenderness of truth and alignment in his presence — almost like old friends reconnecting, even though they have never met before.

Matt and Casey dive right in to discuss the courage it takes to journey into the pain you may be avoiding in order to find deeper inner fulfillment. Matt shares how his deep shame and feelings of being lost have led him to his purpose.

Based on his work with clients, Matt has created a map of the psyche to help you see in a visual form what is happening within moments of surrender. Matt shares the power of understanding the path and equipping ourselves with the ability to choose. His work is rooted in the deep belief that we all deserve to live from our truth and that life is a gift.

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