What Death and Grief Teach About Life

Season #2

In this solo episode of The Purpose Map podcast, Casey Berglund tells the story of her father’s passing. She shares the complexity of her experience of grief, including tender waves of emotions, absolute trust, and even bliss. Casey vulnerably and openly recounts how her dad’s death caused a death within herself, as he returned directly to source and gifted the world with his energy and love.

Casey’s father, Jack Berglund, was a cowboy, businessman, and entrepreneur known by everyone in Casey’s hometown of Kennedy, Saskatchewan. Casey credits her dad for her entrepreneurial spirit and her love of solo adventures. She continues to honour his life and death by letting her body lead.

Resources & Next Steps:

Casey is continuing to work and show up for her clients as a form of medicine in the grieving process. You can engage with and support Casey and Worthy and Well by:

  • Sending referrals her way! Casey is taking on 4 CEOs, teams, or leaders that are navigating challenging changes and seeking next levels of inner fulfillment and aligned success. Reach out to [email protected] if this is you or someone you know.
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