From the Vault: Identity Death And Your Next Level Purpose

Season #2

Are you feeling the niggle? Are you hearing a small voice inside whisper, “There is more for you than this”? Or are you at the edge of something new, waiting for a sign to take the leap of faith?

Let this episode be your sign and allow it to infuse you with the courage and clarity to leap into your next level purpose and success so that you can escape the drain of being one-foot-in-one-foot-out and actually give yourself the chance to experience your true genius.

Drop in with Casey as she lets her body lead her to turn on the mic to share the story of one of her many identity deaths and why it’s not always easy to say yes to your inner knowing. Luckily, Casey’s story walks through the full identity death (AKA up-levelling) process, from receiving the initial intuition to resisting her truth and becoming resentful to finally accepting her next level purpose.

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