Let Your Body Lead With Selena Coates

Season #2

Join Casey and Selena Coates, an alumni of the Let Your Body Lead™ Facilitator Training, as they discuss living in alignment with your truth, working in corporate AND supporting clients, and the INCREDIBLE wins Selena has experienced in her life since taking the Let Your Body Lead™ Facilitator Training. If you are a smart, curious, spiritually-ambitious human, we invite you to join us in the Let Your Body Lead™ Facilitator Training, where you’ll become the leader you’re meant to be and attract abundance and alignment in ALL areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships, and connection to your deeper purpose. Doors are open until March 31st, 2023. Learn about the program: [https://www.letyourbodylead.com/LYBL-training](https://www.letyourbodylead.com/LYBL-training) If you’d like to learn more about the program from either Casey or Selena, they’ve opened up their calendars to take calls and help you decide whether this is the right program for you. Find their calendar links below. Casey Berglund Calendar Link: https://portal.letyourbodylead.com/public/appointment-scheduler/623e18e78218f97ad7e46249/schedule Selena Coates Calendar Link: https://lunaterrasoul.as.me/LYBL