[Man Series] Navigating Transitions with Grace and Choosing Impact with Kevin Goodman

Season #1

Kevin Goodman is a corporate leader, a creative, a partner, a father, and our guest on today’s podcast episode. He is currently navigating a space between two versions of himself; he describes it as a space of transition, awakening and realization.

Casey and Kevin’s conversation is centred around navigating this “space between” – the time and space that is created by an identity death, career change, relationship shift, or other big life change – and how your integrated self can be your biggest asset in that transition.

They discuss:

  • How to tell the difference between your intuition and your doubt.
  • The beneficial role doubt can play in your life.
  • How your integrated self can create impact in your workplace and your world.
  • How you can own your transition and choose impact.  


Resources & Next Steps: