[Man Series] How Breathwork and The Enneagram Help You Come Home to Yourself with George Ramsay

Season #1

Casey met George at his Venice, California home to sip tea in his backyard and discuss breath work and the Enneagram. They discuss his “nine-ness”, her “eight-ness”, vulnerability, and how the Enneagram can be a beautiful companion to a breath work practice.

These two tools, the Enneagram and breath work, have helped George come back to himself. Now he has made it his life’s work to help others do the same — through his company Breathworks — to rediscover themselves, who they are deep inside, and how they can find their way to the healthiest version of themselves. His breath work is powerful, inspired, and transformational.

Who you are is a gift, without you doing a single thing. What the world needs right now is for you to come back to yourself, to own and claim your authenticity, your being, your Next Level Purpose.

When you do that work, your very presence is the gift.

Mentioned Resources & Next Steps:

  • George has recently launched a program called Soul Wave – Breathwork  x Enneagram Practice Group. This is a breathwork journey specifically for your Enneagram type. You can learn more (or sign up) on George's website.
  • If you want to go deep into the practice of breathwork, George offers 3 month, 1:1 breathwork coaching packages. You can learn more here. 
  • The Narrative Enneagram: https://www.narrativeenneagram.org/
  • If you’re ready to dive into your Next Level Purpose, the thing you're really here to do, visit step 1 on the Work With Us page to learn more about Worthy & Well’s Next Level Purpose VIP Day Experience.
  • Casey has a few spots open for one-on-one clients over the next 6 to 12 months, and then we'll be closing down one-on-one coaching applications for the next year. To discuss this in more detail, book a call with Casey.