[Live Coaching] “I Want to Grow My Side Hustle; What Are My Next Steps When I Also Have a Corporate Job?”

Season #1

Today's guest on the podcast is a community member who feels the tension of wanting to grow her side hustle while also working in a corporate job. She's navigating how to align her values of financial security with doing creative purpose-driven work. Is she alone? I think not.

Our guest knows that she will feel clarity in her body, but also that she'll need to navigate fear to get there. So this is where the focus is!

By the end of the session, our guest is 9/10 certain she got what she came here for. She knows what she needs next.

**Of note: coaching is distinctly different from therapy. The process is not about diagnosing psychological or emotional problems, but rather using an integrative set of skills to help a client access their inner wisdom about what is needed to move beyond barriers and toward their desired outcome.

Resources + Next Steps:

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