Are you ready to invest in your next level of success? Ready to...

  • Live your Integrated Self

  • Fully express your Next Level Purpose

  • Facilitate epic results for your life-giving clients

  • Create a core transformational offer that you confidently sell

  • And, do all of it in community, with deep support.

Changed Lives...

Through participating in the Let Your Body Lead™️ Facilitator Training, Alicia completely transformed her nutrition business from one that helped people with weight loss to one that encouraged intuitive eating, body awareness, and developing cooking skills. She created more transformational offers for more perfect-fit clients. Not only did she feel confident charging more money, but she also experienced far greater fulfillment through her facilitation. And did I mention she had her first baby in the middle of the training, and listened to her body the whole way through pregnancy?

Lizzy was struggling to feel fulfilled in her job. She was making good money, but wasn’t feeling abundant on the inside. She was so good at seeing system gaps and managing the operational side of the business but she was tired of that work and wanted to be in a talent development role. Then, everything changed for Lizzy. She literally manifested a different role like magic (Talent Development, no less!) and began to feel like she could have a true impact. Interestingly, she also started to see how she could use her operational skills more intentionally and the components of her old role that she liked, now that things had shifted. I watched Lizzy become more and more empowered every time I talked to her, and her energy was sparkly AF. So much happened for her through simply having the space to reconnect with herself, her brilliance, and her wildest desires.

Michael is the CEO of two successful (multi-million dollar) companies, but when we met he was feeling completely out of energy, lonely, and perpetually sick. When he nailed his core purpose statement (”I enhance flow”) he realized he was living his days “upside down” (opposite to what actually works for him) and working way too hard. Once he created space for slow mornings, he reclaimed his natural gift, and launched a third company, that he’s guiding epic success. He’s calls it his “100 Million Dollar Idea.” The best part? He cares less about the money and more that he’s doing he’s meant to. Also, he’s magnetic AF, attracting incredible humans and deeper connection than he’d ever experienced before.

Stevie is a gifted healer and body worker, but was hiding out and not making enough money doing her purpose-driven work. She had a dream of integrating all of her wisdom and skills to help people experience their own innate healing abilities and was searching for guidance on how to monetize her unique approach. Stevie took a courageous step out of the box and started a business. She owned her credentials as a physical therapist, AND embraced that she (quite literally) had the magic touch. Through working together, she grew her revenue by 25 to 50% each quarter in a beautiful and embodied way! Now that’s a win! 🎉

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