Are you ready to invest in your next level of success? Ready to...

  • Live your Integrated Self

  • Fully express your Next Level Purpose

  • Facilitate epic results for your life-giving clients

  • Create a core transformational offer that you confidently sell

  • And, do all of it in community, with deep support.

Changed Lives...

Tim was awakening to the truth that maybe ALL of his life choices as an adult were guided by other people’s “shoulds”, leading him to experience situational depression and existential crisis symptoms. Who was he, really? What did he actually want? How was he truly called to contribute? He was tired of his job in real estate, feeling sluggish in his body, and disconnected in his relationships. What was Tim to do next? Tim was blown away by how much his body was communicating with him and developed a sense of trust specifically guided by the expansion and contraction he felt. He leaned into the expansion and it eventually led to him realizing that he would make an incredible coach and embodiment guide, especially for men and athletes. 💥

When Selena said yes to the Let Your Body Lead™️ Facilitator Training, she was keeping parts of her true self hidden, shrinking, playing small. Through the training, she embraced her witchy side at work (a bank, no less), and magnetized a role in leadership where she brings it alll to the table. She also attracted her first few clients by the end, even though she had no desire to start a business… until she did. Now, she does both — works her corporate job and gets paid to transform her clients lives through weaving her unique genius with the tools she learned through the training and Human Design. Go Selena! 😉

Natalie was navigating the ups and downs of living in a larger body and learning about her new Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. After years of a push-pull relationship with various wellness practices, her desire to experience health in a way that was aligned with her truth was awakened. Throughout the Let Your Body Lead™️ Facilitator Training, Natalie learned to truly listen to and trust her body, and act on its wisdom. She felt freer in her relationship with food, rested when her body needed it, and tapped her unique gifts to serve others. While she was in the Facilitator Training she moved across the country, wrote a book with her best friend, and supported her husband in expanding their dental practice✨

Michael is the CEO of two successful (multi-million dollar) companies, but when we met he was feeling completely out of energy, lonely, and perpetually sick. When he nailed his core purpose statement (”I enhance flow”) he realized he was living his days “upside down” (opposite to what actually works for him) and working way too hard. Once he created space for slow mornings, he reclaimed his natural gift, and launched a third company, that he’s guiding epic success. He’s calls it his “100 Million Dollar Idea.” The best part? He cares less about the money and more that he’s doing he’s meant to. Also, he’s magnetic AF, attracting incredible humans and deeper connection than he’d ever experienced before.

$10,000.00 USD